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By mainechimne63644266, Oct 18 2019 06:07PM

If your home has a furnace system, you should be scheduling annual inspections and necessary furnace cleanings to keep your system running cleanly while preventing safety hazards. While the hazards of a furnace system differ from a wood-burning fireplace system, they are still dangerous. A neglected furnace flue can be dangerous, and one reason is that debris can block the flue and cause soot blowback into the house. The problem can cause carbon monoxide fumes to enter the home, resulting in illness and sometimes even death. A furnace system can also experience similar issues to a wood-burning fireplace system, in that nesting animals can also create blockages to the chimney system. While furnace systems create less particulate matter than wood-burning fireplaces, cleanings are necessary because the venting unit connections need to be removed and cleaned out fully.

To schedule your appointment call 618.235.6364

By mainechimne63644266, Oct 14 2019 05:04PM

1. Poorly Burning Fires in a Fireplace.

2. Smelling a Strong Odor from a Fireplace or Chimney.

3. Noticing Greasy Black Soot or Creosote.

4. Noticing a Buildup of Smoke While Burning Wood.

5. Having a Damper That Is In Bad Condition.

6. Hearing Animals or Birds inside the Walls.

By mainechimne63644266, Oct 9 2019 05:08PM

The winter season will be here soon. It's time to get your chimney ready for the coldest months of the year. Call today to book your apointment for an Inspection and Sweep. 618.235.6364

By mainechimne63644266, Oct 4 2019 03:22PM

It looks like fall has arrived! Call today to set up your chimeny inspection/sweep appointment. 618-235-6364

By mainechimne63644266, Oct 2 2019 06:55PM

For wise tips on burning visit

It is recommended that your chimney is cleaned annually by a certified chimney sweep.

Call us today to make your appointment. 618-235-6364.

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