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By mainechimne63644266, Feb 18 2019 09:53PM

There's nothing better than a warm, cozy fire on a cold day. Be sure to take good care of your fireplace by scheduling a CSIA certified chimney inspection and cleaning. Schedule your appointment by calling us at (618) 235-6364.

By mainechimne63644266, Aug 16 2018 02:23PM

School has officially started in the Metro East! This means fall is just around the corning and burning season will be here in a blink of an eye. This is a great time to schedule your yearly fireplace and chimney maintenance before the busy season. Schedule your appointment today by calling (618) 235-6364.

The National Fire Protection Agency recommends having wood stoves, fireplaces, chimneys, and chimney connectors inspected annually by a professional and cleaned as often as the inspection suggests.

By mainechimne63644266, Aug 2 2018 03:18PM

Maine Chimney's Certified Chimney Technicians have worked to provide the best chimney maintenance and repair services for our customers. Give us a call to schedule your sweep and inspection today. (618) 235-6364.

By mainechimne63644266, Jul 16 2018 03:15PM

Squirrels, birds, racoons and other animals love chimneys! With these animals, fleas, debris and animal droppings come with them. The BEST way to keep these critters from taking up residence in your chimney (and subsequently, your house) is to install a stainless steel chimney cap on top of your chimney. Our caps are equipped with stainless steel mesh. Caps of lesser quality are made with aluminum, making it easier for animals to tear up and gain entry. If you are in need of a chimney cap, we have you covered.

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