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Do I Need A Chimney Cap?

By mainechimne63644266, Mar 13 2020 03:16PM

A chimney cap is like a metal hat, with a solid top and mesh around the sides that is installed over the mouth of the chimney. It protects your home from unwelcome guests, expensive damage and natural elements.

A chimney cap prevents water from entering the chimney. This is important because rain flowing down the chimney can get inside the house or attic and cause damage in your ceiling and walls.

When mesh netting is installed with the cap, animals are prevented from entering the chimney. Birds are drawn to the warmth provided by a chimney and will build nests in uncapped chimneys,

which causes serious clogging. Other animals are also known to access uncovered chimneys, such as raccoons, snakes, and squirrels.

Prevent debris build-up leaves, branches, twigs and other debris can enter a chimney and build up if a chimney cap is not in place.

The wire mesh on the chimney caps prevents sparks from creating a fire on your roof. The cap will deflect sparks keeping your home safe from fires.

Chimney Caps come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate the diversity of chimneys. It is important to get a chimney cap that is the right size for your chimney and to have it professionally installed.

Installing a chimney cap today could save you thousands of dollars in the future. If your chimney needs a new cap or the chimney cap on it needs to be repaired or replaced, give us a call!

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