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Fireplace Odors

By mainechimne63644266, Jan 8 2020 05:34PM

There is nothing better than a warm cozy fire on a cold winter’s night but there is nothing worse than that camp fire smell that can occur.

If your chimney smells like —— Then it most likely is from…

Bad Barbeque/Asphalt —— Creosote build up

Creosote comes from wood smoke. It is a dark, flammable tar that is absorbed by the masonry inside your chimney. You cannot prevent creosote and soot from forming, but you can reduce the build-up by burning hardwood dried for a minimum of six months. Have your chimney and fireplace cleaned at least once a year by a professional. It removes the build-up and prevents chimney fires.

Musty Odor —— Water sitting in your smoke chamber

If you smell a musty odor coming from your fireplace, it means water got in your chimney. Water does not only cause bad odors, but it can also rust the damper, and damage the flue lining, which will generate repairs. A chimney cap stops water from entering your chimney, thus preventing all the problems mentioned above.

Rot and Decomposition —— Fallen leaves combining with damp soot and rotting in the chimney. Having your chimney swept fixes the problem, and installing a chimney cap prevents it.

Animal Scat or Dead Critters —— Animals leaving behind thoughtful “gifts” in your chimney or not being able to escape and passing away. It happens that birds, raccoons and other small animals try to access your home by the chimney, but then get stuck and can’t get out. A chimney cap with a mesh netting keeps animals out, and a good chimney sweep gets rid of the smell.

Call us to help fix your fireplace odors. 618.235.6364

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